Kinsella Construction has been serving Seattle residential and commercial remodeling needs since 1994. The quality of our work has allowed us to have a successful construction business and given us the experience to know the importance of understanding the client’s needs and concerns, before, during and after project completion.  We recognize the necessity of good communication between client and contractor, and see it as part of our job to facilitate this.


No matter the scale of the project or its complexity, we bring to it our years of craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes a completed job special. We recognize the importance of having high caliber partners throughout the process and have developed close and lasting working relationships with the highest quality suppliers and sub contractors. Our portfolio contains all types of work;  kitchen, basement, bathroom, deck, sauna, attic and everything up to complete house remodel and restoration.


We also realize the importance of budget management. With our experience in estimating and project management as well as working with the clients as partners through out the process, we are able to complete the job on budget and in a timely manner.

There are 2 kinds of contractors: all other contractors, and then there’s Tom Comerford. Run, don’t walk, to line up as a customer for this man’s services. Tom embodies the gold standard : honest, competent, thorough, good natured.
— Terry F.
Tom Comerford, Owner

Tom Comerford, Owner

Tom Comerford was born and raised on a farm in County Kilkenny, Ireland.  He received his degree in Engineering from Limerick University. After a time working in an office Tom knew he wanted a more active working environment, he set off for London and found construction. Tom moved to the USA in the early nineties and started his own construction business in Seattle in 1994.  Many of his earliest clients continue to be clientele today. Tom  lives on Capitol Hill with his wife, Tanya and their dog, Bella.